Haunted Gaming – The Sims Creepy Mansion (CREEPYPASTA)

Haunted Gaming – The Sims Creepy Mansion (CREEPYPASTA)

Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! First time with a Sim’s creepypasta, and with a haunted house as well, what could be off about a house on Sim Lane? Fi…



Natalie Kirk says:

Haha, that ending.

Gold Lost Silver says:

FRIGGEN HAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game Skull says:

May I do a suggestion? Add subtitles, so it’s easier to follow.

Jimbo Dompo says:

Good creepypasta..

valor0dragoon says:

always wondered why they used inverted pentagrams as a bad thing.
the inverted ones are used during death rituals because the normal one is
meant for life and the other one is for death, nothing evil about it.

I guess some are to lazy to do any research or thinks everything is ‘the
devil’ like dem playing foosball is the devil.

over all though the story was good until the over used pentagram (wrongly
as normal) and the very end.

could have had it where the game predicted all of that stuff… yeah I know
corny but at least better than the actual ending. 

pinkie pie says:

believable until when they said that it came true

Donzacuceron says:

EA’s new used game DRM

MANMAN9657 says:

Helpme, Killing my sims? It’s more likely than you think!

TrainerMyst says:

if there was no simlish and bubbles, the ending would have been better

HeroHeart14z says:


Necrikus says:

Yeah that end killed it for me too. Before that though it wasn’t bad. 

crosbowkil98 says:

Should have been a shitty pasta.

Robofork115 says:

I love it how during the ending the writer just acts like he’s standing
there not caring as his landlord’s head explodes and a demonic kid runs
around his house just wrecking shit 

James Crandall says:

Okay, I now need to mercy kill all of my Sims, thank you and goodbye!

cdfisk says:

This story ended with a “Stephen King” lol

ranchdressing says:

Wow. STELLAR example of how you play the Sims. Yup. Console version,
stage-by-stage layout and everything, no real freedom whatsoever.

I’m scrolling the fuck down when I listen to your readings, Mutahar.
Seriously. This is starting to get sad. And I thought the gameplay I saw
during Maria’s Revenge was sad.

SlackJawGaming says:

…. ok i must have missed a few of your newer videos when did that chill
ending come out or is the first episode cuz if it is i dig man i dig

DeathProductionsC says:

The act it’s cliched makes it beleqivablr

chasharv says:

Unnerved by the psychic advisor thing? THAT”S APRANK CALL IN THE BASE GAME

layen seagle says:

Where do you find these pastas

Şhąďøw'ş Ęńď says:

Oh god i got double delux…..

Ryan Booth says:

I have been watching & listening to your stuff for a wile now and am happy
to say that I am now Subscribed to you

Kevin Alcova says:


sourelixir says:

I completely agree with you .. The clichés don’t scare me, but the weird
bios, disappearances, and unusual behavior creeps me out. It’s like a
sublte, silent horror (in that case). This had major potential .. I love
the sims 1 2 & 3, and would love to hear more stories.

Austin ILer says:

how come every creppypasta involves killing various objects with fire.

Sandra Lindblom says:

You read to fast. it kills the feel.

Ashton Feankin says:

Good creepypasta

xXGODZILLA1911Xx says:

Good 7/10

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