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Sounak Sarkar says:

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Invitation to Dance-  It’s a Dance. And sometimes they turn the lights off in this ballroom. But we’ll dance anyway, you and I. Even in the Dark. Especially in the Dark

Baltika3334 says:

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therandomidiot90 says:

There is a legacy dragonzord coming out in 2014.

Leonardo Filipe Franke says:

they never explain what make the fireball in the cartoon form the tigerzord but if you see the japnese cene you will understand and the withe ranger in japan it was a kid just as the green one

Dimafear says:

Hear no evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil
The three sentinels.

P0werJack says:

Are you guys playing on easy?
They do no damage…

BobbyBlack988 says:

“Oh you got the finishing bonus” I always get the finishing bonus if you know what I mean

omgbananaG says:

hmmm is there meant to be no ads on any of the videos ive seen lately

akba666 says:

falconzord CaaCAAAAAW

RushLight Games says:

ha i enjoyed this guys. thx

necroxisz says:

“Aim for the Z” GAH! My childhood. Right in the feels.

This is awesome.

Bodil sor-lokken says:

Could you guys use a camera or something?

Axewhipe says:

Why does Sentinel have assless chaps?

TheJohnChocolate says:


wtothez says:


rzq100 says:

I love listening to you guys discuss power rangers. I feel like I need to watch that again cause I haven’t since I was a kid.

TonyKuremento says:

Davis & Schroeder, would thanking you every God damn day be considered spam? :X

Verlante says:

Where do I find this so I can throw money at it.

Angus SteinburgTV says:


PSPness says:

Ca caaaaw!

James Kamerer says:


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